Improve your animals health

Starting with a preventative dental care program

Pet check-ups at Sandwich Animal Hospital include regular preventive dental care. The veterinarian can tell a lot about a pet’s health by examining its teeth, gums and mouth. Drs. Casey and Adrien recommend starting a dental care program when your pet is young, in an effort to prevent debilitating dental conditions that can require unpleasant and expensive treatments for your pet. Regular cleanings can keep your pet’s mouth fresh and healthy and ward off future problems.

Most dental diseases start below the gum line and can eventually lead to bone loss in an animal’s jaw. Sandwich Animal Hospital uses state-of-the-art dental radiology equipment to see below the gum line. Using a focal beam, doctors can spot problem areas quickly while limiting the amount of radiation your pet receives. The procedure is quicker and safer for your pet, and ultimately more comfortable in every way.

“Dental care is an added benefit of regular check-ups. We want to keep your pet as healthy as possible from head to tail!”
Dr. Casey